Customer Satisfaction

Our Environment, OHS and Customer Satisfaction Policy

ÖZGE YAPI carries on its activities by systematically identifying the factors that will adversely affect Occupational Safety and Environment, and taking measures required for leaving a clean environment to future generations and protecting health and welfare of its personnel and third parties at every stage of such activities. In this regard, it has adopted the following considerations as its Environment, OHS and Customer Satisfaction Policy

  • To observe all legal and other regulations in effect in order to ensure protection of Environment, Occupational Safety and Consumers,

  • To prevent environmental pollution and unnecessary resource consumption,

  • To avoid accidents establishing the infrastructure of Occupational Health and Safety,

  • Raise its personnel and suppliers’ awareness of Environment and Occupational Safety continuously,

  • To minimize environmental effect and dimension by continuously improving Health, Safety and Environment System established,

  • To provide required resources and take measures in order to prevent injuries and impairment of health,

  • To handle and response with feedback the recommendations, complaints and requests communicated by our customers,

  • To perform periodic surveys to measure and assess customer satisfaction,