Özge Yapı A.Ş. took a step into prefabricated building & construction industry with its identity offering an alternative and visage contributing colors to the market in 1992. Özge Yapı A.Ş. has been producing prefabricated buildings, prefabricated residences and steel houses since then and reached a leading position in the sector with the projects delivered inland and abroad.

Özge Yapı A.Ş., a symbol of change, improvement and innovation in the prefabricated construction sector, has participated in the important international projects in addition to the achievements in Türkiye today and proven its brand value throughout the world. It contributes value to life with tailor-made prefabricated building projects produced using weldless construction technology and HekimBoard fibercement sidings as well as its aesthetic insight.


End users lately started to acquire prefabricated buildings for commercial purposes as well, though they generally demand and are interested in dwelling houses. Residential buildings ordered from inland or abroad either individually by retail or collectively are designed and produced with required technical specifications at any desired region.
Our company rendering services for more than twenty years in the prefabricated building sector, fulfils individual and retail orders swiftly and meticulously with the customer-oriented marketing strategy.

Our individual customers have more interest than ever in prefabricated residential buildings since there were earthquakes, floods and natural disasters experienced in many regions of our country in the past. Individual customers frequently prefer prefabricated residential buildings based on the fact they can be quickly installed, are resistant to earthquakes and have an aesthetic appearance at the same time.

Private Sector

We are providing projects, designs and products to companies from such different sectors, being construction companies in the first place, as those from food to chemical industry, from iron & steel to textile industry in line with the requirements and demands.

Demands for the prefabs, in particular, from steel constructions to administrative office buildings are increasing with each passing day. The reasons why such kind of buildings are preferred is that they are suitable to all kinds of climatic conditions, resistant to earthquakes, robust and long-lasting. Besides they are also preferred for the following reasons that they are fast, economic, aesthetic and eco-friendly.

We are supporting production-oriented companies by offering them solutions to meet daily needs regarding their large number of employees on, their own within the factory organization with the prefabs from dining hall to social facilities, locker rooms, toilet & showers to security cabins. Number of prefabricated buildings that can be used for many different purposes ranging from dormitories to shops, gas stations to large stores is continuing to increase with each passing day.

Public Sector

We are producing prefabricated buildings serving all kinds of social purposes required by a wide range of public organizations from ministries to special administrations and from municipalities to governmental agencies in the country.

We are providing technical and architectural support with regard to many subjects such as from conceptualizing projects to preparation of biddings, and compilation of bid documents for these kinds of buildings required by all public bodies.

Construction works awarded to us through tender process or receiving inquiries are manufactured and installed using due attention and care since these buildings possessed by the public are important.

We are fulfilling the requirements concerning kindergartens, school buildings for primary and higher education institutions, dormitories for male and female students, gymnasiums and the like buildings either ordered directly by the ministry of national education or awarded as a result of tenders opened by the local authorities.
Many buildings of public sector are now planned as prefabricated ones due to the increasing interest and trust in steel construction buildings in the recent days. Prefabricated units such as supplementary hospital buildings, immediate treatment units, family practice centers, health centers and infirmaries are preferred since they are delivered fast, economic and aesthetic solutions.

Activities with regard to construction works of a district administrator’s (muhtar) office building required by the local authorities for each district have been started and many of them were delivered. Besides that design and construction of many buildings for all kinds of purposes from libraries to museums are carried out in line with the newly placed orders.
We are producing cafeterias, toilet & showers for normal or disabled people, kiosks and shops involved in sales for recreation and walking areas open to general use of public located within the boundaries of municipalities.

We produce projects and render services for the subjects demanded and required as a prefabricated solution.