Customer Satisfaction

Our Environment, OHS and Customer Satisfaction Policy

ÖZGE YAPI carries on its activities by systematically identifying the factors that will adversely affect Occupational Safety and Environment, and taking measures required for leaving a clean environment to future generations and protecting health and welfare of its personnel and third parties at every stage of such activities. In this regard, it has adopted the following considerations as its Environment, OHS and Customer Satisfaction Policy

  • Accessibility: Accessibility: Applications can be made to the marketing and sales department.

  • Transparency: Applications can be made via phone / fax numbers or web address of marketing and sales department.

  • Responsiveness: After your applications are received, you will be responded by fax, telephone and / or email.

  • Objectivity: Applications are evaluated fairly and without prejudice.

  • Privacy: Information received from the applicant is not transmitted to any section or department or to any third party.

  • Customer Orientation: care is taken to meet the expectations of our customers, to whom we try to provide his/her satisfaction, in a short time, and to protect their rights within the framework of corporate policy and legal regulations.

  • Accountability: Incoming applications are evaluated and responded in a short time.

  • Fee: No fee is charged from the applicant while the applications are being evaluated.

  • Continuous Improvement: With the philosophy of continuous improvement, we aim to do our best in order for the process to be better managed by assuming that every customer complaint is an opportunity for R&D.