According to the definition of development in the United Nations’ Commission on Environment and Development in 1987:

“Development which meets the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

As it was emphasized in an old Indian proverb, we didn’t inherit natural environment from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children instead. In this respect, what kind of environment we will bequeath to next generations is pretty important. At this point sustainability concept becomes very important.

Özge Yapı A.Ş. has adopted the sustainability concept which is known as the ability to be sustained. Özge Yapı A.Ş. being aware of its responsibility to the nature, intends environmental sustainability using renewable energy resources effectively in the development of production systems. At the same time, it also provides contribution to national economy with the effective use of natural energy. It has its sights set on conscious consumption while producing quality with Research & Development and Product Design & Development activities. It provides added value to the country with this mentality and environmental continuity with the sustainable development perspective.

Özge Yapı targets superior quality and offers its products and services to its precious customers with total quality management approach, and treats the sustainability concept as a whole in every field.