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Özge Yapı A.Ş. which have achieved thousands of different projects throughout the world, attaches importance to customer satisfaction with its service quality before and after sales in addition to superior quality products manufactured with tomorrows technology.




Load-bearing construction of prefabricated house solutions is manufactured from St52 high density galvanized steel using HekiMStructureRobot weldless construction technology. Bolts and nuts are used for all connections of prefabricated houses. HekimBoard brand fibercement (natural cement) boards are used for facade cladding of prefabricated houses. Özge Yapı A.Ş. making difference with its superior features, can respond to the requirements of its customers with production guarantee using its integrated production facilities. 5 most important reasons for you to prefer prefabricated houses produced by Özge Yapı is as follows:  

  1. Resistant to Earthquakes

    Prefabricated house systems being five times lighter than concrete buildings are ready-made alternatives resistant to 1st degree earthquakes. Light and flexible prefabricated houses provide the best solution by absorbing the shocks at maximum level with their resistance to the most severe earthquakes in our country located in an earthquake region.

  2. Suitable to Climatic Conditions

    Özge Yapı A.Ş. produces ready-made buildings to be used in different climates with the structural calculations performed by team of its specialists. These buildings can be easily used in different climatic conditions.

  3. Class A1 Fireproof Fibercement Boards

    HekimBoard brand natural cement boards are used for facade cladding of prefabricated buildings. Fully natural and eco-friendly fibercement boards contain no ingredients that may be hazardous to human health. Class A1 non-combustible fibercement boards are resistant to fire. It doesn’t melt inside a potential fire and helps to extinguish a developed fire. Boards having superior thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics can not be affected by water, and water absorption ratio is quite low compared to concrete buildings. Fibercement boards produced with different patterns give prefabricated houses an aesthetic look. 

  4. Quick and Easy Installation

    Özge Yapı provides high production guarantee with its integrated facilities and saves time during logistic and installation services regarding the products.

  5. Affordable

    Özge Yapı A.Ş. provides high quality products and services offering prefabricated houses at an affordable price for your budget.



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