Qatar Lusail Stadium Project


  • Tür: Prefabricated Building, Light Steel Building

  • Tarih: March 2022

  • Ülke: Qatar

  • Yer: Lusail

FIFA World Cup that will attract the attention of the whole World towards the end of 2022 will perform in Qatar this year. The opening match of the World Cup that will have a completely different atmosphere both geographically and culturally will be played at the Al Bayt Stadium with 60 thousands capacity. The final match of the World Cup that is being biggest and most magnificent of international football organizations also will be played at the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail on 18th of December. The stadium that will bring thousands of football spectators together from different cultures with its 80 thousands spectator capacity comes to the forefront with its new generation, contemporary structure. Another important feature of this magnificent stadium for Turkey is the production of the prefabricated and steel construction buildings of the offices, administrative buildings, security offices, access points, warehouses and social areas of the stadium in the plants pertaining to Özge Yapı in İstanbul.

Lusail Stadium Technical Characteristics

The administrative buildings of the stadium that has an iconic structure like its name, steel construction carcasses produced as demounted in Istanbul have been produced from high density galvanized steel with bolted system without using welding technique. The steel carcasses designed by our expert technical staff and experienced personnel within the body of our company offers a long-lasting use opportunity with its quality and durable structure and can be demounted and remounted when required. The system that comes to the forefront with these features and is preferred will also offer a safe and comfort match experience to its quests in Qatar World Cup. 12 thousand 500 square meters of indoor installations including the security and office areas, toll gate and transition areas of the Lusail Iconic Stadium are currently ongoing.

Özge Yapı Coming To The Forefront with Effective Solutions

Özge Yapı that produces the steel construction used in the construction of the administrative and security areas of the Lusail Iconic Stadium continues to produce and export to more than 100 countries since 1992. The organization that is being in top 1000 in the metal exporters category in this sense every year contributes to the Turkish economy as one of leading companies. The company that contributes to many sectors such as from the construction to mining, from gas and oil camps to tourism buildings and housing estate projects with the quality service mentality continues to come to the forefront with its works in the sports and entertainment world. The steel construction and prefabricated buildings prepared with the privilege of Özge Yapı, make the life easier for users from every sector with quality, durable and functional features. The sustainable light steel buildings for a clean environment continue to offer the smart solutions for needs in many areas with the advantages of Özge Yapı.