Stadium 974 Project


  • Tür: Light Steel Building, Prefabricated Building

  • Tarih: February 2022

  • Ülke: Qatar

Stadium from Container

FIFA World Cup that is one of the most important sport organizations in the World will be performed at Qatar in 2022. Very important investments were made for the 2022 Qatar World Cup which has a different place from previous tournaments in terms of the geography where it will be performed and contemporary steps were taken in terms of plant layout. The Stadium 974 being one of the stadiums that will host to the tournament draws attention with the fact that it is a stadium that takes its name from Qatar’s international plate code and is also made of 974 containers. The stadium that has been constructed specifially for the World Cup finals and came to the forefront with its contemporary construction techniques, will be disassembled completety after the tournament and will send to Tunisia as a gift. Another feature of this interesting stadium is also production of the prefabricated and steel constructions used in the construction of the administrative areas and security zones of the stadium in our country.

Technical Characteristics of Stadium 974

The stadium that has been constructed in Doha city of Qatar and unveiled on 30th of November 2021 has been erected on a 450 thousand square meters coastal area. The stadium 974 which is the first temporary place of the FIFA World Cup history with its moduler design was created by Fenwick Iribarren Architects. The spectator capacity of the stadium that is assessed with four stars by the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) is 40 thousands.

The stadium will have administrative buildings, toilets, douches, terminals and entry units in order to offer a quality service to the World Cup spectators. The prefabricated and steel constructions used in the construction of these areas that increase the functionality of the stadium were produced in the plants of Özge Yapı in İstanbul.

Özge Yapı With Quality Building Solutions

Özge Yapı that has contributed to the construction of administrative buildings and various service areas of the Stadium 974 produces durable and functional solutions for various organizations thanks to prefabricated buildings and steel constructions produced in its plants. The most important feature of the buildings designed and produced by Özge Yapı, is able to demount and remount in necessary cases. Thus, the products that can be used in different places and in different organizations and add dynamism to the buildings helps to produce functional solutions in many sectors.

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