• Planning and Design

    Planning and Design
    It includes architectural design and project services in line with the customer requirements.

  • Production

    It includes the production of designed steel and prefabricated buildings and containers in the factory.

  • Packing and Loading

    Packing and Loading
    It includes packing and loading operations of the products manufactured and completed in the factory in accordance with international standards.

  • Logistics

    It involves local and international transportation arrangements.

  • Customs

    It implicates preparation and follow-up of customs documents of the products to be exported.

  • Assembly and Disassembly

    Assembly and Disassembly
    It implies to carry out assembly and, if required, disassembly operations of prefabricated buildings in site.

  • Supervisor Support

    Supervisor Support
    Providing technical staff for overseas assemblies.

  • Electrical - Sanitary Installations and Paint Processes

    Electrical - Sanitary Installations and Paint Processes
    Optional installation and paint applications on the prefabricated buildings

  • Supplying Furniture and Technical Equipment

    Supplying Furniture and Technical Equipment
    Providing materials and equipment intended for the need in the direction of customer’s request

  • After Sales Service

    After Sales Service
    If required, material and workmanship service after product is delivered