Warehouse Containers


  • Tür: container

  • Tarih: March 2022

  • Ülke: Romania

Quality and Durable Warehouse Container Solutions

The containers that are being one of indispensable solutions of the construction sites are used for different purposes in many fields nowawadays. They offer the best solutions for various needs in dining halls, dormitories, events, outdoor toilets, worker and student camps and many more projects. The containers that offer practical and functional solutions with their easy installation feature can be adapted to all weather conditions by insulating according to climatic conditions. Thanks to these features, they are highly preferred due to it produces alternative solutions for all kinds of needs. Our container models that are used in the areas such as offices, dining hall, dormitory, infirmary, prayer room and toilets etc. in the construction sites and for different purposes in the various camps are ready to meet the needs in the best way in every field with the difference of Hekim Holding. Our containers that make life easier in daily life, business life or in different organizations promises a comfortable experience with its different models and dimensions.

All Purpose Warehouse Containers in Romania

Our containers produced for warehouse purpose are produced especially for Romania. The container models produced easily and quickly can be easily transported both by road and by sea. Our containers that offer a functional use opportunity with their external doors offers a safe use with its solid and durable floors. The most important detail to be considered in warehouse containers is the matter not to lifting and lowering with the load inside. Because, these models has not load container feature. They are produced for storage purposes only. Therefore, they should be transported as empty and mounted on site.

Quick Installation Thanks To Easy Mounting Feature

The containers designed as monoblock, demounted or flatpack provides a great advantage thanks to its easy installation. Also, our container models can be demounted quickly and simply and moved to another place when required. Thus, the containers can be moved to another place and used repeatedly at the end of the work.

Our containers sent to Romania as flatback with 2.40 X 6.00 m dimensions are joined on site. Our models designed as flatback are sent to Romania by road. The larger areas can be obtained by placing these containers side by side as required. Thus, the areas in the required dimensions can be created by joining the desired number of containers.