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Winning Investment of Each Period: Package House
With its aesthetic architectural design, meticulous static calculations, mechanic and electrical installation system thought out to the finest detail, the concept house, which was pre-built in the factory environment before the site, is presented with a turnkey system. The structure consists of a double combination container with a size of 6.00 m x 8.00 m and an area of 48.00 m2. It provides all the comfort offered by conventional residences with two rooms, a living room, closed kitchen and bathroom. The interior of the house, equipped with 1st class fine construction materials, has spacious, bright and modern lines. The stone-patterned fibercement coating with A1 class non-flammability guarantee is used up to the bottom of the window, and the exterior frontage is finished with a siding that reflects the whole warmth of the wood pattern. First class anthracite color modern window frames and steel door connection with the outside environment provides you with the different flavors of four seasons with the small veranda at the front.

Loyal Container House That Can Be Moved Anywhere With Its Owner
Özge Yapı makes your life easier with the advantages of the package house:

  • It provides the fastest construction experience with its light, practical and durable structure for short-term seasonal needs in areas that do not have zoning permits, within the boundaries of the protected area.

  • With its turnkey system, it saves all suppliers from organizing one by one.

  • It does not strain the family budget with its low cost compared to the traditional building style.

  • In addition to its rapid assembly completed in 1 day, it can be easily disassembled and moved to the desired location when necessary, and can be expanded modularly with additions.

  • Since it is produced in a sheltered factory environment with the latest technology, all resistance, heat, sound and water insulation tests are approved.

  • Although it is designed as a house, thanks to its flexible and functional design, it can also respond to commercial needs such as office and showroom.

  • It is known in the world as environmentally friendly with its construction technology that does not generate waste during construction.

Economical, Environmentally Friendly, Budget Friendly
Özge Yapı A.Ş., which has signed thousands of different projects from healthcare buildings to administrative buildings, from parliament buildings to light steel houses in nearly 100 countries on 6 continents, rapidly responds to mass housing demands thanks to its high production capacity. You can get detailed information by examining the images of the package house project, filling in the price request form or calling, and you can meet your new home immediately by visiting the sample flat in the showroom.

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