Prefabricated House Project


  • Type: Duplex Prefabricated House

  • Date: November 2020

  • Country: Azerbaijan

  • Location: Baku

One of the notions that Covid 19 pandemic has brought into our lives is social isolation. This has led people to a more hygienic and detached lifestyle. Human density which is concentrated mostly in big cities due to multi-story and mass housing projects has started to move from cities to rural areas. In this period, during which horizontal and detached buildings are preferred instead of vertical architecture, the interest in prefabricated houses has increased more. Prefabricated buildings, which can be designed for any weather conditions, can be manufactured in desired dimensions and with desired plans based on personal needs and varying architectural designs.

250 m2 prefabricated house that we have manufactured in Baku, Azerbaijan, can satisfy all the needs of a family due to both its strength against earthquakes and any natural disasters and its aesthetic and functional usage areas. Attracting attention with the TurkSiding weather coating and fiber-cement coating as its outer façade coating, our building brings peace, health and safety in its wake. Our lifestyle and habits change together with the changing world conditions. Prefabricated and steel construction houses are designed to satisfy all your changing and improving needs. Özge Yapı is always with you everywhere with its detached housing structures unique to you with the desired projects and sizes.