Prefabricated Housing Unit


  • Type: Single-storey Prefabrcated House

  • Date: October 2020

  • Country: Lebanon

  • Place: Beirut

Prefabricated buildings are ready-made structures that are produced at factory, and assembled and installed on-site. Our company develops options for any type of housing requirement in and out of the country, and is in the leading position in the field with a production and installation experience of nearly thirty years. Our company imports to more than 100 countries for modern, aesthetic and long-life prefabricated structures, and continues to create various projects around te world.

We are taking prefabricated structure system to the future with our carrier systems made of high density galvanized steel and turksiding clapboard, non-flammable, waterproof façade coatings. Static calculations of prefabricated and steel housings are carefully performed by our expert technical staff for resistance against earthquakes and all climate conditions, and they are safely used around the world. Prefabricated buildings are not just a building but they also bring peace, safety, quality and assurance along. We are here to support you with single or double-storey prefabricated structure alternatives for any plan and project of your choice.