Package House Project


  • Tür: Package House, Container House

  • Tarih: January 2022

  • Ülke: Hungary

Environment and Budget Friendly Package House Solutions

The ready-made house concept comes to the forefront among the products of new architectural styles that bring freedom and dynamism to the living spaces. The package house represent this concept with its comfort, sense of independence, environment friendly structure and budget friendly solutions. Thanks to its quick mounting, projecting feature independent from the zoning permit and design that meets basic living requirements, package house projects are being the center of attraction of those who would like to have their own house.

ÖReady-made Houses Solutions Supporting Free Life

If you are bored from the life style stuck in the multi storey residential buildings, you may meet with the ready-made house concept right now. With a minimalist approach, you may prefer one of 42 m² and 48 m² dimensions for the dream of a comfortable and simple home only in the areas that you need. The package house design with 48 m² area contains 2 rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom and all components supporting the basic life. The ready-made house consisting of a combination of two 3×8 m containers, becomes ready for use with the mounting of the parts completed in 24 hours. The container house compositions that can be shipped at home and abroad are sent to the customers abroad as demounted. The carcasses produced as beam form are packaged safely and becomes highly resistant to any impact. The plates are easily joined in the construction site at the destination. The container house is brought into use by following the necessary installation steps on the land determined by the customer.

Package House Structure Compatible with All Seasons

The first class durable plates becomes usable in all seasons with its fibercement exterior cladding, which has an A1 fireproof certificate. The exterior facade components strengthened with siding material brings the heat balance to the most perfect position by preventing cold and hot permeability even in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to its wooden patterned appearance, the fibercement brings your home to a warmth that will arouse a feeling of being in touch with nature. The anthracite colored window joinery supports the naturalness of the wood. The steel door preferred in the conventional houses is also valid for ready-made houses. The closed kitchen in the package house plan signed by Özge Yapı A.Ş. gains independence to the families in other rooms. The front veranda also can turn into a small playground especially for children who like to spend the spring and summer outdoors.

Budget Friendly and Long Lasting Container House Style

For the houseowners with limited budget, the package house creates an ideal plan with its simple structure and 48 m² compact dimensions. Especially in rural areas or areas not zoned for development, it is easily constructed on the designated area. As well it can be installed inside of the field, vineyard or garden, it is also frequently preferred in small detached lands within the city. The benefits of this preference can be summarized in five steps.

  • Production from environment friendly and non-flammable safe fibercement material
  • Ability to install on every kind of land type
  • Opportunity to have detached house with small budget
  • Plus able to use trouble-free for many years
  • Possibility to reinstall on a different area by demounting
  • Installation speed in 24 hours

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