Guard Booth

Guard Booths

Guard booths which becomes prominent with its cost advantage, ease of use, light weight and durability, provide flexible solutions for permanent or temporary accommodation needs. In small or medium-sized facilities and businesses, the guard booth can easily be installed with the physical security unit required for supervision and surveillance.

What is a Guard Booth? Where to use it?

Guard booth; A guard booth, also known as a security shack or sentry box, is a closed area set up near the places where guards and security officials are obligated to protect. Guard booth models built to accommodate personnel and security equipment; is also often preferred for purposes such as checkpoint, payment area or information office. The booths that provide quick access to the area within the security area have the characteristics that can meet commercial, industrial and institutional needs of our age.

The booths, which do not harm the environment and have an aesthetic appearance, can be shaped according to your usage needs. Into it, the cabin; chairs, tables, drawers, lockers, lighting, air conditioning, TV and monitor systems can be added easily. To the inside of the booths employed as WC and on the beach, additional materials such as sinks, toilets, plumbing and soap dispensers can also be Armored guard shacks with a 360-degree viewing angle and lead-proof properties are preferred in public and private institutions where security is of priority.

From What materials are the Guard Booths manufactured?

Guard booths, manufactured with light steel technology, bring many advantages in terms of both durability and handling. Cleaning, use and installation of modular structures consisting of steel frame and sandwich panel systems are also quite practical. The booths that are made up of extremely lightweight components, can be easily transported from one location to another. The range of booths, supported by high quality and environmentally friendly materials, can be used with peace of mind for many years. Booth models having modern, aesthetic and environmentally friendly design details, can be designed to fit the existing look and architecture of your business or workplace.

Weldless galvanized steel sheet panels manufactured with Hekim Structure Robot technology, constitutes secure areas on the floor and ceiling of the booth. Thanks to removable load-bearing corner beams, C and U profiles and screwed joints for parts, It is easy to assemble and disassemble the panel. The choice of modern construction materials instead of welded joints or permanent connection columns allows you to shape the guard booth as you wish.

What are the characteristics of the guard booths?

The modular booths, which are surrounded by interior and exterior façade coverings, can easily adapt to different climatic conditions. It is possible to provide high level insulation by adding Styrofoam, foam and similar light insulation materials in between the light and ultra durable steel construction parts. Rigidly assembled parts can be reinforced with mastic sealant and silicone construction materials for extra insulation. Additional materials such as doors, windows, chimneys, awnings or air ducts can be adjusted according to the users’ wishes, depending on the width of the booth and the style of use.

Varieties of guard booths offered by Özge Yapı A.Ş., can be designed to have different design, color, size and specifications. You can easily choose the most suitable models for your needs from ready-made panel booths varying between 1.82 m² and 6.76 m². You can buy the guard cabinets surrounded by colored exterior materials with the color combination you wish. You can safely use the products manufactured with TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certificatate and patented HekimPanel. In addition to guard booth models, you can also take glance at prefabricated buildings, light steel structures, container models and innovative solutions among the projects of Özge Yapı A.Ş.