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Prefabricated Office Buildings

Office buildings which are one of the leading items of reorganization related to the worker camps in the worksite, can be designed and installed in the modular system with the specified dimensions and subject to the characteristics of the region where they are installed. Heights used in the buildings generally designed as single storey or two storey are either 2.5 or 3,0 m. Buildings prepared as multiples of 125 cm according to the ready made panel system, can also be manufactured from ready-made galvanized steel sheet Hekim san panels as well as they can be lined with fibercement boards. They are preferred based on such features that they are economic and can be quickly and easily installed, and have capability to be disassembled and re-assembled if required. In addition to that there are also more aesthetic and decorative alternative solutions offered to be used as administrative building or sales office. Steel load-bearing system of all our office buildings is manufactured from high density galvanized steel without welding process. A1 class fireproof, water-resistant fibercement is used for facade cladding.

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