Prefabricated Modern Villas


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Prefabricated Modern Villas

Özge Yapı designs the houses of the future via the Prefabricated Modern Villa Design.

The world is changing rapidly. People, seasons, nature, and technology take on a new identity. We have to be aware of and keep pace with such changes with effects sometimes positive sometimes negative. As Özge Yapı, we are also in this change and follow the changes simultaneously. We are one of the leading companies in the prefabricated building industry and strive to adapt our projects to the times. We execute many projects both domestically and abroad. What we understand from change at this point in time is to make the materials we use in the buildings we make the most durable against climate, weather, and earthquakes; to this end, we use the developing technology. We aim to transform such durable materials into prefabricated residences with modern designs and we adopt continuously improving and changing architectural approaches. The most significant aspects that highlight Özge Yapı in the prefabricated building industry are to produce the correct building material and to make spaces practical, to save space, to make maximum use of the natural light, to build structures both special and most spacious and functional via smart designs.

We spend most of our times in our houses. We know that we shall overcome the pandemic conditions that cause this and that these days will be over. As Özge Yapı, the hard conditions we experience and the times spent at home changed our view on prefabricated buildings. We reflected this change on the new prefabricated villas we manufacture. For we are in such times that we realize just now that our houses should be more functional and spacious. We have realized that the classical house designs work for us at certain times of the day but some things fail as the period we stay at home increases. Therefore, we furnished all the windows and doors of this design we call modern villa with glass starting from the floor. Thus, we wanted you to spend safe and tranquil time with your family in a bright and spacious environment.

Modern villas that take in the light from sunrise to sunset have become the most spacious ones amongst the two-story prefabricated houses designed so far. We included 15 square meters of veranda space in addition to the 145 square meters of usage area. So this became a solution to the urge to change places even within the house. Our prefabricated duplex modern villas consist of 3 rooms, 1 separate kitchen, 1 living room, 3 bathrooms, veranda, and balcony.

We are justly proud to manufacture many fundamental raw materials used in our authentic design buildings in our own facilities.

We use fibercement materials that are our own fabrication in both inner and outer façade coating of the modern villas. This material has a durability that entirely eliminates the weather conditions that may be a huge problem in the prefabricated building field. It is also a light, flexible, and fire-resistant material. Fibercement that is our own fabrication solves the light static problems while facilitating leaving any weather conditions outside. Producing an aesthetically incredible result, this material ensures that our modern villas are unique in terms of both looks and durability.

We can say that the prejudices against prefabricated buildings are broken down thanks to fibercement. As we use A1, i.e. first class, materials, we prevent the villa façades from leaking, burning, and soaking up moisture. Therefore, the ceiling can be kept high in the loft-style design of the modern villas. Since the wide façade area does not create hazards of leaking, moisture, extreme cold and heat, it generates a feeling of spaciousness, adding a high aesthetic value to any building it is used in. We make use of this in our villas extensively. Since we also use a coating of natural rock design, you can realize that you are walking into a modern and elegant space even before seeing the inside. Two bathrooms and three bedrooms are placed upstairs and thus the downstairs presents perfect measurements for an extremely spacious and big living room. With the spacious kitchen that opens up to the wide veranda and the bathroom, both the downstairs and the upstairs provide maximum comfort.

As well as being a spacious house, the modern villa which Özge Yapı designed and manufactured during the pandemic period provides maximum durability against any natural disasters via its high-density galvanized steel framing. You can contact us for more detailed information about Özge Yapı’s modern villa project and learn all the details you are interested in from our expert team.

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