Health Buildings


  • Type: Prefabricated Building, Healthcare Buildings

  • Sphere of Activity: Public buildings

  • Date: March 2019

  • Country: Turkey

  • Location: Üsküdar / İstanbul

Family health centers and medical emergency aid stations built in different quarters of our Üsküdar county have been completed and presented to the public.
Decorative fluted fibercement non-combustible material with A1 class fire rating, were preferred for the exterior facade siding of the buildings, which prefabricated in the factory and constructed in their places. The assembly of 4 buildings was completed in as short as 20 days. In order for the public buildings of primary importance to be healthy and long lasting, all kinds of structural calculations, and architectural planning are prepared by the expert technical staff of Özge Yapı A.Ş..

The health structures put into public service are preferred because of their long life, the ability to be disassembled and the ability to assemble them in a short time. Prefabricated buildings fulfill their functions in all areas of life, and constitute reliable living and service spaces.

The prefabricated buildings, which are manufactured from the materials that are sensitive to human health and environmentally-friendly, with sustainable manufacturing techniques, are ready to beautify our environment, and provide services.