Özge Yapı, which Exports to more than 70 countries of the world, offers livable spaces with prefabricated house projects suitable for all kinds of climatic circumstances and lifestyle. In addition to modern architecture, Özge Yapı has also completed and delivered buildings suitable for architectural styles and lifestyles of different regions and countries. To the above category added is a parliament building in Qatar completed lately for a well-known family. The parliamentary buildings, where the guests were welcomed and the agenda is discussed, according to the traditions of Qatar, has an important place in the Arab culture. It is welcomed with admiration and attention.

With housing projects aimed at housing needs, which is the most basic requirement of human beings all over the world, Özge Yapı through sustainable manufacturing techniques, production approach that attaches importance to nature and human health, original designs, quality and reasonable price policy, it takes intensive demands from all middle East countries; and continue to provide services to meet such demands.