23Aug 2017

Özge Yapı, Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, continues its customer oriented works with the awareness of its leadership in the sector. Özge Yapı, which continuously increases its market share in Europe, has made a name for itself with its camp projects aiming at resolving the refugee accommodation problem. It, being well aware of its […]

22Aug 2017

Özge Yapı, supplying all kinds of camp buildings from labor camps, oil camps, military camps, to refugee camps, manufactures alternative solutions to football clubs’ camp facilities. Manufacturing and installation of prefabricated buildings, which meets all kinds of needs, from accommodation spaces for athletes to indoor sports areas, training centers, wc&showers, and from administration buildings to […]

21Aug 2017

Özge Yapı, which Exports to more than 70 countries of the world, offers livable spaces with prefabricated house projects suitable for all kinds of climatic circumstances and lifestyle. In addition to modern architecture, Özge Yapı has also completed and delivered buildings suitable for architectural styles and lifestyles of different regions and countries. To the above […]

23Jun 2016

Özge Yapı Sales and Marketing Manager Doğan: – “Today, people desire a slower life phase and higher life quality. They want to minimize their needs and live an environmentally friendly life” – “Our prefabricated buildings made of nature friendly materials with lesser rate of waste and using sustainable production methods aims to deliver the patience […]

20May 2016

Levent Tokses, Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Özge Yapı, stated that Özge Yapı AŞ has manufactured prefabricated buildings suitable to all climatic circumstances inland and abroad and that actualized innovative and pioneering works in compliance with every country; and told that they aim to focus on overseas-oriented projects this year. Mr. Tokses said that “We […]

17Feb 2016

Prefabricated houses range from a single villa detached living space to collective living spaces. Özge Yapı, shipping houses up to Africa, introduces prefabricated housing estates to Türkiye. A new field is born for the branded housing projects. From now on, housing estates shall not be composed of only concrete buildings, and it may also consist […]

25Dec 2014

We will be glad and honored to receive our prize awarded to Mr. Öner Hekim in the ceremony to be organized in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on 26th December 2014 with regard to the “Generous Benefactors Survey” where the most generous benefactors in Türkiye were ranked and revealed by Capital magazine.

17May 2014

“We were together with our precious employees during the Disability Awareness Week celebrated between May 10-16, 2014. Mr. Öner Hekim, President of Hekim Holding Managing Board, has presented thank you plaques in person to our 17 colleagues providing services in the following subsidiaries of Hekim Holding Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Güzelyalı, Hebo Yapı A.Ş. Gebze and […]

12Feb 2014

The International Environmental Organization (WWF: World Wildlife Fund) celebrated the National Sweater Day on February 7 for the first time in Canada. National Sweater Day to draw attention to global climate change is supported by Turkey this year as well. Hekim Holding celebrates the National Sweater Day on Thursday, February 13, 2014 in line with […]

20Jul 2013

ÖZGE YAPI A.Ş. due to its successful works carried out in Gabon, was invited to the dinner organized by our President Mr. Abdullah Gül in honor of Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba, the President of Gabon, in Çankaya Palace on 18th of July. Mutual negotiations were held in order to develop business between two countries.