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Özge Yapı is among the corporate companies that rapidly adapt to the changing world, and aims to make life sustainable by planning buildings or confined areas according to new conditions. Modular hospitals are among the most needed building models under today’s circumstances. Especially the extraordinary conditions created by the COVID-19 virus caused Özge Yapı to […]

Providing people with a safe living space means meeting their most basic needs. The instinct to be protected from the effects of the outside world and adverse weather conditions has been a basic need since the first day of human existence. However, while living in a mutual relationship with nature, there are certain unavoidable adverse […]

“New Type” Prefabricated Health Solutions The coronavirus disease, which threatens human health with its negative effects worldwide, makes corona containers that offer functional and innovative designs a necessity. Offering great solutions in medical applications, clinics, businesses and even every places where people need to gather, prefabricated containers allow users to live or work in more […]

Rising Trend Prefabricated Houses Such fabrication buildings which host all kinds of comfort and manufactured according to the demands of users, can be conveniently adapted to different settlement areas. These buildings, which is designed in view of acoustic and thermal insulation, environmental circumstances, and measures for fire and earthquake, are designed as single and multi […]

Özge Yapı A.Ş., has participated in Big 5 Construct North Africa Fair, which was held in Casablanca on April 2018 and exhibited its technological power and capacity to its visitors. The products exhibited in the stand and presented especially to the taste of national and international companies, have received a lot of attention in Morocco […]

We, as Özge Yapı, took our place in the 2018 Sencon Construction Products Fair held in Dakar, the capitol of Senegal between 20-23 February 2018. The images of the prefabricated house which is manufactured from ST 52 high density galvanized steel, steel house models, prefabricated housing buildings and containers at the stand have attracted great […]

Özge Yapı, Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, continues its customer oriented works with the awareness of its leadership in the sector. Özge Yapı, which continuously increases its market share in Europe, has made a name for itself with its camp projects aiming at resolving the refugee accommodation problem. It, being well aware of its […]

Özge Yapı, supplying all kinds of camp buildings from labor camps, oil camps, military camps, to refugee camps, manufactures alternative solutions to football clubs’ camp facilities. Manufacturing and installation of prefabricated buildings, which meets all kinds of needs, from accommodation spaces for athletes to indoor sports areas, training centers, wc&showers, and from administration buildings to […]

Özge Yapı, which Exports to more than 70 countries of the world, offers livable spaces with prefabricated house projects suitable for all kinds of climatic circumstances and lifestyle. In addition to modern architecture, Özge Yapı has also completed and delivered buildings suitable for architectural styles and lifestyles of different regions and countries. To the above […]

The 22nd Turkish Construction Sector fair- Turkeybuild İzmir, which is the biggest gathering of Turkish Construction sector and the region, has opened its doors to its visitors between the dates November 3 and 6, 2016. Özge Yapı A.Ş.,, one of the Hekim Holding group companies, which hit the road with a slogan of “4 season […]